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A Pet for Christmas?

animal-celebration-christmas-754491 A Pet for Christmas?

Your kids have been begging for a pet all year long and you’ve decided to get them one for Christmas. However, there are some very important things to consider prior to giving a pet as a gift for Christmas.

Is Your Family Ready?
This should be the first and foremost consideration prior to taking on the responsibility of a new pet. Pets are a lifelong commitment that lasts well past the holidays. Having a pet isn’t just about the sweet cuddles. It’s also about house training, feeding, vet care, pet-related expenses, pet sitting (if needed), cleaning up dookie, and ensuring you are spending adequate time with your pet. From feeding to walking, pets require responsibility from the entire family.

Choose The Right Pet
Once you’ve confirmed you are ready to take on all the new responsibilities that having a pet requires, take the time to research what type and breed of pet is best suited for your family. That St. Bernard puppy might be adorable as all get out, but he will quickly outgrow your studio apartment. And while you may not like to take daily walks, that Russell Terrier absolutely does. Doing your homework now can help reduce frustration in the future for both you and your pet.

Not On Christmas Day
If you plan on having a ton of family and friends over for Christmas or plan on traveling, you might want to wait on introducing your new pet. The excitement and chaos of the holidays can freak a new pet out. There’s also a lot of small toy pieces and decorations all over the place that can be awfully tempting. You should also take into consideration your patience levels around the holidays as your new pets is going to require a bunch of it.

Provide a Pet Promise
While introducing a new pet to the family on Christmas might not be the best idea, you can always opt for a pet promise. Wrap up a stuffed animal or a fun dog toy to let your family know they are getting a pet. Let them start taking on some of the initial responsibilities such as breed research and preparing the home for their future dog or cat. Discuss what responsibilities will be required once the pet is in the home so that everyone is on the same page prior to your new pet’s arrival.

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