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Don’t leave Fido home alone this summer! Hit the town with your furry friend and check out one of these dog-friendly activities!

Summertime Swimming!

Take a dip with your dog at Rummy’s Beach Club in Houston, Texas. Rummy’s Beach Club features private heated pools so you and your dog can enjoy each other’s company. Is your furry pal afraid of getting into the water? Rummy’s offers dock jumping training so your dog can learn how to safely jump into the pool.  They also take super cool underwater photos of your pet!

Canine Dining!

Grab a bite to eat at Mutts Catina in Dallas, Texas! Complete with a communal beer garden and a 200-seat garden-style patio, Mutts Cantina features a one-acre play area for your fur baby. The spacious dog park features 6-ft high fences so your pooch can play safely. Membership is required to use the dog park, but not the restaurant or patio area. Attendants will make sure your dog has food and water and will handle all clean up while you kick back and relax. Mutts also offers some seriously impressive birthday party options for your pet.

Enjoy live music, a vast beer selection, and AH-mazing BBQ at Woodshed Smokehouse  in Fort Worth, Texas! This environment-friendly establishment offers mouthwatering BBQ for you and an extra special Pup menu for your fuzzy buddy. Your pooch can gnaw on delicious items such as a Rawhide Bone Dipped in PitMaster Fat. You’ll both be drooling! 

Have a Ball! 

One day every year, the Houston Astros invite you and your pet to kick back and enjoy a baseball game at Minute Maid Park! We give that a 4 paws up! Tickets are limited so be sure to get yours as soon as you can! 

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Warm Weather Safety Tips

Warm Weather Safety Tips

You might know that cold weather poses health risks to your pets, but so does warm weather – even on days that don’t seem that hot to you. Knowing the risks and being prepared can help keep your pet safe.

Be Prepared

  • Talk to your The Corner Vet veterinarian about warm weather risks for pets (and travel safety if you plan to travel with a pet).
  • Make sure your pets have unlimited access to fresh water, and access to shade when outside.
  • Keep your pet free of parasites that are more common during warm weather, such as fleas, ticks and heartworm.
  • Ask your veterinarian how to recognize signs of heat stress.

Keep Pets at Home

  • Leave your pets at home if possible when you need to go out and about.
  • Provide different temperature zones within your house for your pet’s comfort.
  • Never leave a pet in the car, even in the shade or with windows cracked. Cars can overheat quickly to deadly temperatures, even when the weather isn’t severe.

Keep Them Comfortable

  • If it’s hot outside for you, it’s even hotter for your pet.
  • Take walks, hikes or runs during the cooler hours of the day.
  • Avoid hot surfaces, such as asphalt, that can burn your pet’s paws.
  • Ask your veterinarian if your pet would benefit from a warm-weather haircut or sunscreen.

Exercising with Your Pet 

  • Consult The Corner Vet veterinarian prior to starting an exercise program for your pet. Overweight pets and short-nosed dog breeds have higher risk of problems with warm-weather exercise.
  • Don’t walk, run or hike with a dog during the hottest parts of the day or on particularly warm days.
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Bring enough water for both you and your pet.

Garden and Yard Safety

  • Make sure the plants in your garden and yard are safe for pets.
  • Store lawn fertilizer and insecticides out of reach of your pets.
  • Always follow safety instructions on lawn and garden products, particularly the instructions on how long you should keep pets out of the treated areas.
  • If you use a lawn service, make sure they are aware that you have pets.
  • Avoid using cocoa bean mulch, which contains the same pet toxin found in chocolate.

Signs of Heat Stress

Seek emergency veterinary care if you observe any of these signs:

  • Anxiousness
  • Excessive panting
  • Restlessness
  • Excessive drooling
  • Unsteadiness
  • Abnormal gum and tongue color
  • Collapse

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Hiking Gear for Dogs

Best Hiking Gear for Pets

Summertime adventures are just around the corner! New hiking gear innovations have extended to amazing products for furry explorers. Check out this pet-friendly hiking gear to keep your fuzzy buddy safe and comfy during your travels! 

Paw protection…Protect your dog’s paws from rough terrain and hot pavement with a pair of hiking boots like Ruffwear’s Grip Trex Dog Boots. The top part of the boot is made of breathable mesh for ventilation and the cinching mechanism keeps out rocks and other debris. 

Hydration…Keeping hydrated is just as important for your pet as it is for you. We love these collapsible bowls from Dexas.com. They’re durable, super lightweight, and can be hooked to your backpack with the handy carabiner. For those fashionistas out there, the bowls also come in a variety of bright colors. 

Snooze time…Keep Fido comfy with the Noble Camper. This ultralight compressible sleeping bag-pet bed combo will keep your pet warm and dry throughout the night. Several sizes are available. 

Get first aid savvy…Scratches, bumps, and splinters are a fact of life on the trail. Pack a pet-friendly first aid kit so that you have all the essential items needed for minor ailments. 

Prevention…Nothing can put a damper on a trip like flea bites and tick infestation so before your journey, make sure your pet is up to date on heartworm and flea and tick prevention

Safe travels! 

The sun is shining. The skies are blue. And your furry friend isn’t enjoying any of it.

Signs of seasonal allergies…If your pet is scratching a lot all of a sudden or chewing on themselves, they may have allergies. Other common signs of allergies are watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, and an overall inability to get comfy. 

Trip to the vet…As these behaviors can lead to skin issues such as scrapes and sores, fur loss, or bacterial and yeast infections, it’s important to make an initial visit to your vet to get a proper diagnosis. Your vet will help determine the best course of treatment to make your fuzzy buddy feel better. 

Frequent baths…Your pet might not be too excited about this part, but frequent bathing can give your pet relief by washing away allergens. Not only will your pet be more comfortable, they will smell AMAZING! 

Housekeeping…Keep your home as allergen-free as possible by vacuuming and cleaning the floors often during allergy season. Wash your pet’s bed on a regular basis to prevent allergen build-up. After a good outdoors romp, wash off your pet’s feet to prevent things like pollen from being tracked into your home. 

Nutrition…Some dogs benefit from making dietary changes and incorporating more omega fatty acids into their meals. Omega fatty acids are beneficial for skin health and could potentially help with itchiness brought on by allergies. Be sure to discuss this with your vet before making changes. 

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Best Bark Parks!

Best dog parks in Texas

Texas knows how to treat their pooches! From swimming pools to playgrounds, parents have a nice variety of amazing dog parks to take their fur babies. 

Coolest set up…

Keep your fuzzy buddies agile with an impressive obstacle course at Houston’s Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park. The park is separated into two areas, one for large dogs and one for small, so that your pooches can play safely. An elaborate gate system allows visitors to come and go without the worry that their dogs will get loose. After a day of running around the open fields and swimming in the pools (dogs only), you can bathe your pup in the available wash stations before heading home for the day. 

Close to downtown…

Let your furry family run free at Danny Jackson Family Bark Park! This park is long, narrow, and offers plenty of space to play which is a rare find in a concrete jungle. Complete with a pool and doggy wash stations, the park is separated into two areas so big and little dogs can rough house in their own weight class. Ample seating areas are available for parents to watch their pets play. 

What a view…

Enjoy beautiful panoramic lake views at White Rock Dog Park, one of Dallas’s gems! Featuring a walking trail that surrounds the lake, it’s the perfect place to go when you and your buddy need an escape from city life. The park features a dog launch perfect for letting your pooch cool off in the summer heat. 

Open at night…

Do you work late? No problem! Fort Worth’s Z-Bonz Dog Park features solar-powered lights so you and Fido can get in some evening playtime. Like most parks, the space is separated into areas for big and small dogs and features a swimming hole, water fountain, and wash station. 

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